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For Groups Visiting Us...

Group leaders pick to join us for day programs that can span 1 to 5 days.   For multiple day programs, students leave in the afternoon and return again the next day.  Below is the standard set up for a single day trip.  Group leaders have complete ability to request different time schedules (within crew agreement) and changes within the standard schedule.  Group leaders also have the ability to choose classes from available Common Tides curriculum based on their students needs.

Standard One-Day Schedule

8:30 AM — Arrival, Instructions, and Safety Talk
9:00 AM — Lesson one – Fish Species Identification (or teacher’s choice)
10:00 AM — Basic Snorkel – led by trained instructors and watched by a lifeguard
11:00 AM — Lesson two – Environmental Awareness (or teacher’s choice)
12:00 PM — Lunch
1:00 PM — Boat Tour and Rules
1:15 PM — Lesson three – Introduction to Sailing (or teacher’s choice)
2:00 PM — Lesson four – Science of Sailing (or teacher’s choice)
4:00 PM – Wrap up and students disembark

Marine Science Class Options:

  • Aquatic Environmental Impact

  • Fish Habitat and Biology

  • Invertebrate Identification and Biology

  • Reef Makeup and Coral Degradation

  • Biomimicry

  • Oceanography

  • Chondrichthyes (Sharks & Rays) Identification & Biology

  • Marine Mammal Biology and Habitat

  • Seagrass and the Mangrove Impact

  • Fish or Squid Dissection

  • Algae Identification & Benefits

  • and many more.

Sail Science Class Options:

  • Sail Theory Introduction

  • Advanced Sail Handling

  • Knot Work

  • Navigation

  • Astronomy

  • Mechanical Advantage

  • Meteorology

Water Class Options:

  • Basic Snorkel

  • Advanced Snorkel

  • Scientific Snorkel


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