What We Do

Common Tides is a 501(c)3 nonprofit devoted to bringing together participants that are dedicated to benefiting youth and ocean habitats.

With this goal in mind, Common Tides provides free educational outreach to individuals from underserved communities, where program funding comes from participants who pay to join our marine education expeditions and EcoTours. We strive to provide hands-on learning opportunities in order to promote environmental awareness.

To inspire passion through ocean education and stewardship to create positive change.

To bring together dedicated participants for the benefit of individuals from underserved communities to improve the health of the environment, to help grow conservation and eco-tourism efforts, and to provide the next generation the knowledge to properly sustain their marine environment.

Through learning comes a desire to help.

Marine Science Education

Through free hands-on educational programs, we support awareness of coastal ecology and marine conservation within underserved communities. During our educational expeditions, children and adults learn sailing and snorkeling skills from trained crew during daily sailing trips and classes that provide exposure to current ocean preservation techniques.

Environmental Awareness

Our program is aimed at benefiting the community of the local regions we work with. This includes the students, teachers, and adults involved during the trips as well as the interns and participants who are helping us to teach. Activities and curriculum emphasize sustainable industry and conservation with a main focus placed on local ecosystems and sustainable practices.

Community Benefits

We work to mold the program to suit the needs of the local community, teachers, and their students. In order to best serve these needs, Common Tides partners with local organizations and community experts to provide comprehensive training for our interns. Through the teamwork of all, we are able to reach the goals of benefiting youth through education, stewardship, and skill development.

We find through the lens of a mask, people understand how beautiful and unique the ocean truly is and why it is worth protection