Our Impact

Our goal is not to achieve the highest numbers of students served,

but to spark a life-long relationship of ocean learning and stewardship within each student.

During one 4 week trip, Common Tides is able to serve over 100 students with many of these students snorkeling the reefs and sailing for the first time. All are led by our dedicated and compassionate interns, volunteers, staff, and crew. We work with schools, local organizations, and community members so that students can spend time learning and build a strong base of ocean experience for the students so that they can then positively cultivate their futures with the ocean around them.

Our impact is seen in the actions our students and interns make that are inspired by our trip. After all, through learning comes a desire to help.

What Participants Say

Q: Would you consider returning as a trip leader in the future? Explain why?
A: Yes definitely. I feel like we made a difference to a lot of the kids and it is a program that is needed in areas like these where the locals rely so much on the water.

Emily, Intern

I loved this experience! For me, 7 weeks was a good amount of time- but if I had to change it I would make it longer not shorter. I learned so much from everyone on this trip.

Sam, Volunteer

Q: Would you recommend the program to a friend? A: YESSSS – this experience has definitely helped direct me in what kinds of things I hope to pursue and how I can be a part of creating change where it is needed most.

Sara, Intern


Some Of Our Expeditions