Donate now and help these connections become lasting ones.
Here are two simple ways you can donate to Common Tides:

Common Tides advocates experiential learning, community stewardship, and conservation to children by providing them with free marine science education and sailing opportunities. Our programs engage students through hands-on learning, confidence building, teamwork, and leadership skills which are designed to inspire students to cultivate positive connections with the ocean. Our outreach efforts bring these programs to underserved communities – communities that rely on the marine environment for income and who typically don’t have access to these opportunities.

Common Tides is able to provide free programming to these communities through generous donations and paying volunteers who participate in the programs we offer. Your generous donations go to providing free programs for local youth, paying for sailboat charters, and supplying much needed teaching equipment. These donations directly impact and create opportunities for children to develop a life-long bond with the ocean, the environment, and their local community.

We all share a common connection to our oceans no matter where we live. Through donating you impact oceans and the children by allowing many to snorkel, sail, and learn marine science for the first time as well as cultivating positive connections to the oceans; a common bond we all share.

We greatly appreciate your support!


No longer need that Boat or Yacht? Consider donating it to Common Tides! We have partnered with Action Donation Services® which has been processing yacht donations since 2002; they have the unique expertise and experience to process vessel donations to benefit non-profits… Click here to complete a “No Obligation” On-line Yacht Donation Evaluation Form. Or please call Action toll free: (866) 2-GIVING to let Action® explain how donating is often a much better option than selling.