What We Do

Common Tides is a 501(c)3 nonprofit devoted to bringing together volunteers that are dedicated, creative, and unique individuals from all over the world to benefit children from developing or undeveloped areas.

With this goal in mind, Common Tides provides educational outreach to individuals/children from underserved communities where the funding comes from volunteers who pay to participate in our marine education and teaching expeditions.

During our expeditions, volunteers along with Common Tides staff strive to educate individuals in a manner that is interactive and hands-on in order to promote environmental awareness. The program is aimed at giving individuals experience in marine science so that as Eco-tourism and environmental conservation measures increase, individuals from these underserved communities may fill these job openings.

Our Mission
Our Vision
Our Motto

Marine Science Education

Thru free hands-on educational programs, we strive to better develop the awareness of island/coastal ecology and marine conservation to underserved communities. Children and adults from these communities have the potential to learn sailing and snorkeling skills from trained volunteers thru daily sailing trips as well as exposure to current ocean preservation techniques during our volunteer expeditions.

Environmental Awareness

Our program is aimed at benefiting the local regions we will be working with. This includes the students, teachers, and adults involved during the trips as well as the volunteers who are helping teach these individuals about their surrounding environment. Activities and curriculum taught by the trained volunteers will emphasis sustainable industry and conservation with a main focus placed on the science involved with local ecosystems.

Community Benefits

Common Tides has the ability to work with the local teachers and community representatives to mold the program to better suit the needs of their students and schools. In order to identify the best ways to serve these needs, Common Tides partners with local organizations and provides a comprehensive training session for volunteers. Through the teamwork of all, we are able to reach the goals of benefiting children through education, stewardship, and skill development.