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Take part in these incredible opportunities by joining an expedition.


Learn sailing skills while living and teaching aboard a sailing vessel visiting different areas of the Caribbean.


Gain knowledge, explore, and have fun in a new country. Make meaningful bonds with like-minded volunteers.

Marine Conservation

Earn and strengthen experience working with island/coastal ecology and marine conservation.


Provide free education to local students. Develop new teaching techniques and gain experience in the field.

Overview of how a volunteer will spend a 7 week expedition:

• For the first two weeks, volunteers will enjoy spending their time training and bonding with the staff. This will include learning sail training and local marine science education along with current teaching methods.

• After training has been completed, we will begin arriving to local communities and taking the school children out on day cruises with their classes and teachers. During these cruises, volunteers and staff will be responsible for teaching hands-on marine science classes, sailing techniques and facilitating snorkeling activities.

• During each trip, volunteers will have days off to explore the local region on their own or just relax while sailing and snorkeling. During the entire expedition, volunteers will get most nights off to enjoy group bonding, relaxation or exploration on land. Volunteers will also be in charge of and rotate thru typical sailor duties such as watch, cooking, boat keeping and/or deck wash in the glorious Caribbean sun.

*Other expedition lengths are available. Prices vary depending on expedition length. Price includes accommodations and food throughout the expedition as well as any certifications gained. Volunteers must be 18 or older to participate. Contact Common Tides for further details.


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Fundraise For Your Trip!

We definitely understand money may be a factor. Currently we are not able to offer scholarships, but if you are looking to help defer the price there are a few possibilities. The most successful for our volunteers has been through fundraising. We have provided an example for donation requests. If you would like any further details regarding funding please contact us directly.
Example Fundraising Letter