Common Tides provides free marine science and sailing programs to students in developing
countries and areas in order to inspire stewardship, learning, and environmental awareness.


Our Mission

Common Tides offers free marine science education for school children in order to promote knowledge, protection, and understanding of the marine environment. In turn, children will learn skills to empower them to protect their natural environment.


Our volunteers will get the unique opportunity to help teach and protect marine habitats which are essential to the local community and to further develop their career potentials. Inquire now on how you can volunteer to help!

Our Impact

During a 7 week trip, we are able to serve over 140 students; many of these students are snorkeling and sailing for the first time. Our goal is not to achieve the highest numbers of students served, but to spark a life-long relationship of ocean stewardship.

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Thought everyone could use a little cuteness to start your week ...

The tiny turtles hurtle towards the sea on a protected beach in Northern Zanzibar, Tanzania. They will return to the spot when they're ready to lay their own eggs in later life.